Edgar Morin and I

Le mercredi 18 décembre 2002

I hesitated to take my feather to say what in what I think of Edgar Morin’s work. This hesitance comes from the fact that I am Any Small in front of an anthropo-cosmic global sprite of Edgar Morin. Although I am a junior scientiste besides not asserted, I said to my self the time arrived to honour the scientist (philosopher Edgar Morin) my reading of your work in begun 4 years ago with " science with consciousness ".

I held (retained) a majestic sentence of the interview(maintenance) with J-L Le moigne, which so much influenced me and urged to turn(return) me on me by the self-criticism and the not separate truth of her(it) against the truth. The truth and the opposite truth which(who) are a part of the "life" and explain the life. I also held (retained) that the action in itself is understandable only its connection with the deal of the action, the action which " is not susceptible to succeed or to fail but [an action which] can activate(start) unexpected processes and even against those wanted ". I have to contemplate this sentence lengthily and I found it fundamental for the comprehension of worlds, lives, beings, the reality and well on the imaginary one of which I know liking in Edgar Morin. In short I understood that the human action and businesses of the world have understandable explanations by the concepts and the macro-concepts of Edgar Morin. That at summer a turning in my way of seeing the world ; to see by knowing that there is a blind part in my glance on this world, idea that Edgar Morin develops in "sharp subject". Consequently, the need for discussing and for changing the points of view must authorise criticism and self-criticism.
Edgar Morin gives an extraordinary teaching in this respect in order to concluding this scientific company. That is favourable with the advance of the ideas and the theories. Like let us know we it, these last are incomplete since Karl Popper and Lakatos ;"Si one does not answer truths arguments of others, and that one seeks of them only the surface defects, it is that one feels these terribly valid arguments » said Edgar Morin (1969). the successive reading of the three tome cheeses of the method completely influenced me, not in the direction of a recuperative influence, not either a conversion but the bottom of myself, my being which finds themselves and recognize themselves in the thought of Edgar Morin. Sometimes it is able to me to stop on a sublime sentence to contemplate it with my simplistic way although it is complex. But when I am turned over on me, on my (court) chainmen, from there or I come all separates me from Edgar Morin : formation automatically, I had to pass to management then to the economy and the epistemology of the economic models I had to find in the mathematical economy of the explanations which run up against inertias of the mathematical bases. the reading of the work of Le moigne and Edgar Morin have quickly to recall to the command things to me.

It is then a question of seeking an economic purpose in connection with the prosperity of the Men, the beings and of backing up each economic being (with its under-being), social and biophysics and metaphysics. The survival of each being explains the life and fact part of the life the contribution of the economist Rene Passet is salutary in this respect differently explaining (and in the direction of Morin) the idea to be it, the life, survival like source of the organization, the car organization and the car transcendence the beings economic, sociological and physical are then connected by the concept of computation to keep each one its autonomy in the organization, the entropy and the néguentropy. I must acknowledge that this concept of computation which it economy (which interests me so much) pushes me with going to work modestly and in the line of the scholars of any edge like Edgar Morin, Peirce, Popper, Lakatos, Rene Passet and the Nobel Prize Ronald Coase. for this reason I develop my company of modelisation dedicated with microcomputer-being economic which is the company. I hope to meet the two large professors, who through their works, reconciled me with my subjectivity essential to scientific objectivity.

benaissa JEBBOUR. Teaching in the CNAM and PhD student in economy. bjebbour@hotmail.com

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    ...and I too unfortunately/fortunately still do live these terribly valid arguements that are still so because of lack of completely correct evaluation. Completely correct evaluation makes the evaluator the controller which we are unfortunately not as yet and still trying to become.
    Edgar Morin and I
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