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1. Uglies 1. Uglies
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2. Uglies : Pretties 2. Uglies : Pretties
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3. Uglies : Specials 3. Uglies : Specials
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Uglies, tome 4 : Extras Uglies, tome 4 : Extras
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[Behemoth] (By: Scott Westerfeld) [published: October, 2010] [Behemoth] (By: Scott Westerfeld) [published: October, 2010]
[Goliath] (By: Scott Westerfeld) [published: August, 2012] [Goliath] (By: Scott Westerfeld) [published: August, 2012]
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3. Léviathan : Goliath 3. Léviathan : Goliath
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Pretties Pretties

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