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1. Uglies 1. Uglies
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d'occasion à partir de 2.99€
3. Uglies : Specials 3. Uglies : Specials
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Uglies, tome 4 : Extras Uglies, tome 4 : Extras
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2. Uglies : Pretties 2. Uglies : Pretties
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Uglies Uglies
Afterworlds Afterworlds
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2. Uglies : Pretties 2. Uglies : Pretties
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3. Léviathan : Goliath 3. Léviathan : Goliath
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Russell Letson reviews Greg Bear Locus Online ... Williams' Dread Empire (2002-03) and Scott Westerfeld's Succession sequences (2003), which make the military component just one part of sprawling space-opera/interstellar-empire settings ? with, in the Williams, an additional dose of novel-of-manners.
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BEA 2015: Scott Westerfeld: Investigating Crowd Power Publishers Weekly A group of teens with unusual abilities are catapulted from zero to hero status in a YA trilogy that kicks off with Zeroes (Simon Pulse, Sept.), written by a trio: Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, and Deborah Biancotti. Zeroes is a new spin on the ...
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Pretties by Scott Westerfeld - review The Guardian Tally Youngblood is a Pretty. In her dystopian sci-fi world, when an Ugly (normal-looking human) turns sixteen, they get a life-changing operation to turn them into a pretty. Pretties are more than pretty. They are jaw-droppingly beautiful. They can ...
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'Afterworlds,' by Scott Westerfeld New York Times Scott Westerfeld's semi-supernatural novel ?Afterworlds? beckons us into a universe where dutiful drones, pale from sun deprivation, spend long, lonely days toiling at an irksome task in order to prove their worth. The challenges they face are many ...
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An Inside Look at the Genesis of Zeroes, the Bestselling New Superhero Book io9 Zeroes is an unusual sort of young-adult novel: It's a collaboration between authors Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti, about young people with superpowers. But it's already on the bestseller list. Check out an inside look at how ...