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1. Uglies 1. Uglies
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3. Uglies : Specials 3. Uglies : Specials
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2. Uglies : Pretties 2. Uglies : Pretties
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Uglies, tome 4 : Extras Uglies, tome 4 : Extras
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Uglies Uglies
Succession, Tome 2 : Le secret de l'Empire Succession, Tome 2 : Le secret de l'Empire
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Afterworlds Afterworlds
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4. Uglies : Extras 4. Uglies : Extras
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The Guardian
Why are YA books about politics always dystopian? The Guardian And these aren't the only ones: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, Perfect Ruin by Lauren Destefano and the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie all portray their political leaders as deranged in the sense of being highly oppressive and depriving their populations ...
'Afterworlds,' by Scott Westerfeld New York Times Scott Westerfeld's semi-supernatural novel ?Afterworlds? beckons us into a universe where dutiful drones, pale from sun deprivation, spend long, lonely days toiling at an irksome task in order to prove their worth. The challenges they face are many ...
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Too Close: Bevin Has Small Lead Over Comer but Wins Northern Kentucky ... The River City News After months of polls that showed Heiner with a lead, Bevin overtook the field recently, a field that also included former Supreme Court Justice Will T. Scott who finished a distant fourth. When Heiner, who spent $4 million of his own money on the ... et plus encore »
The Guardian
Pretties by Scott Westerfeld - review The Guardian Tally Youngblood is a Pretty. In her dystopian sci-fi world, when an Ugly (normal-looking human) turns sixteen, they get a life-changing operation to turn them into a pretty. Pretties are more than pretty. They are jaw-droppingly beautiful. They can ...
In 'Afterworlds,' A Teen Imagines Worlds Within Worlds NPR Scott Westerfeld's new novel, Afterworlds, finds an interesting way to honor these beloved tropes while also coyly subverting them. His protagonist, ordinary-everyday San Diego 17-year-old Lizzie Scofield, is caught up in a terrorist attack at an ... et plus encore »
First Amazing Look At Scott Westerfeld's Post-Apocalyptic Graphic Novel io9 Scott Westerfeld has written some pretty harsh dystopian futures in the past, including the Uglies series. But now, he's written a graphic novel that takes place after an apocalypse. The Spill Zone features art by Alex Puvilland, and we're happy to ...
Scott Westerfeld on writing his novel-within-a-YA-novel 'Afterworlds' Los Angeles Times Darcy Patel, the protagonist of Scott Westerfeld's ?Afterworlds? (Simon Pulse: 640 pp., $19.99, age 14 and up) writes a novel at 17 during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that lands her a two-book contract. But it comes with unforeseen ... et plus encore »
Poughkeepsie Journal
Local teen best-sellers Poughkeepsie Journal 1. "Razorhurst," Justine Larbalestier . Soho Teen, $18.99. 2. "Afterworlds," Scott Westerfeld . Simon Pulse, $19.99. 3. "Saint Anything," Sarah Dessen . Viking, $19.99. 4. "Speak," Laurie Halse Anderson . Square Fish, $9.99. 5. "Liar," Justine ...
Boing Boing
Scott Westerfeld's Afterworlds Boing Boing Scott Westerfeld's Afterworlds. Scott Westerfeld's latest novel, Afterworlds is a book about a teenager who's just sold her first book. It's a story-within-a-story, and it works brilliantly. Cory Doctorow unpacks the nesting tales of Darcy Patel and ...