Douglas Adams


Auteur anglais (1952 - 2001)

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Le Journal du Geek
Airbus peint un visage de baleine sur son nouvel avion-cargo ... Le Journal du Geek Si vous repérez une baleine dans le ciel en 2019, cela ne signifiera pas nécessairement que vous avez été plongé dans un scénario de Douglas Adams. Airbus a en effet décidé de doter son nouvel avion-cargo BelugaXL d'un faciès souriant de baleine. et plus encore »
Ely Standard
Ely's secret 501 author revealed Ely Standard Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, was revealed as Ely501's secret author. David Learner, co-creator of the Ely501, said: ?Douglas' story comes in at under 300 words. It's bursting with his quirky humour and sense of mischief. Why is it Towel Day today? It's all thanks to Hitchhiker's Guide to the ...Cedarville News 2 autres articles »
The Register
FCC caught red-handed ? again ? over its $225 complaint billing plan The Register Using the argument that "no one complained before now" as a way to justify pushing something through to formal adoption is the worst sort of policy obfuscation and one that recalls Douglas Adams' "Beware of the Leopard" sign in The Hitchhiker's Guide ... et plus encore »
Métro Montréal
Cette semaine, Métro craque pour Picasso décolonisé, Rapkeb ... Métro Montréal La première saison avait bien su projeter l'univers déjanté de Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, à la base une série de romans de Douglas Adams. Mais la deuxième atteint un niveau d'excentricité supérieur. Au monde terrien de Dirk (l'hilarant ...
Michael Savage's Countdown to Mecca: Mesmerized by bad writing Arkansas Times ... in the universe who have it react in one of two ways - with relief or with despair. Only Skagra responded to it by thinking, Wait a second. That means there's a situation vacant. - Gareth Roberts, Doctor Who: Shada (based upon the scripts by ...
Interview 2018 : Ariel Holzl pour Les Soeurs Carmines tome 3 Actusf Appréciant beaucoup la satire, l'ironie et le fantastique loufoque, je me suis inspiré d'auteurs anglo-saxons tels que Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams et Neil Gaiman. Pour le style et les genres littéraires que je voulais parodier, j'ai emprunté à de ...
Matthews Asia CIO Message to Shareholders I have often thought their calculations are guided by the same kind of thought process that author Douglas Adams taught us was the key to flying: ?You must learn how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.? Clearly, it is the second part, the ...
The Sydney Morning Herald
Books that Changed Me: AJ Betts The Sydney Morning Herald I was 14 when I read this book, then tracked down everything else I could find by Douglas Adams. It wasn't just the zany ideas that appealed, but the turns of phrase and the surprising ways he used language. I recall being pulled up by the line ...
The 50 best Doctor Who episodes of the modern era ? ranked One of the darker outings to feature Freema Agyeman's underrated companion Martha, ?42? (so named as a Douglas Adams allusion and because it unfolds in real-time) is tight, economical Who in which the Doctor must fight a murderous, possession-happy ...
Letter: Viewpoint Fire The Daily Courier In light of the recent Viewpoint Fire emergency and evacuation, will the Viewpoint developer finally complete this important roadway, or will he wait until a future emergency ends in tragedy? The time for action on Park View Drive is now. Douglas Adams.